Toby Ballard

Robins Weaver

Robin Weaver started and apprenticeship at Jaguar Cars LTD in September, 1966. He was deployed to various parts of, Browns Lane, Daimler Redford and Covent Climax. In 1974 he left and went into engineering roles at Wilkinson Sword and Wellcome Research. In 1973 he became a Production Engineer at Rolls Royce Motors, Mulliner Park Ward devision and eventually became and Special Project Engineer. He left in 1977 and became a Consultant Engineer at Muirhead for two years. After this period he started rebuilding classic cars, especially Italian cars. This developed into running his own MOT testing garage. A particular area of work was done for the late Graham Nearn, owner of Caterham Cars. He rebuilt engines such as the Lotus Twin Cam, Aston Martin and 1920s Wolseley units. Lotus 6 “XML6” was a major project: Turning it back into its Consul engined state as first built for the Allen Brothers In early 1952. Robin has trimmed down his activities over the last 10 years, or so, to concentrate on aluminium body construction for us hear at The Model A Revival Company. He is a much loved and valued, charismatic and hugely knowledgable member of our team. 

James Crawford

Since he was old enough to talk, James had ideas about combustion engines and frequently dissected toys to create more impressive and useful entertainment. The passion and desire to construct and improve engines, both old and new only grew. From redesigning jet engines and being in high demand to rebuild steam engines for model locomotives, James would increase his knowledge, devotion and ultimately, his unique skillset. 

James achieved a university degree in aeronautical engineering. While a student, he competed in Robot Wars and Battle Bots. Studying at university, paired with A Levels in engineering and product design, allowed James to develop a proficiency in CAD. As well as traditional manufacturing processes, James is well versed with modern technologies, often striving to advance his ability to utilise new tools and machinery in order to perfect the production quality and consistency of his work. 

James is not only passionate about his work, but takes great pride in achieving the very best results. Working at The Model A Revival Company allows James to explore the challenges of vintage motor restoration. Most commonly, he excels in the face of “that’s not possible”.